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Passenger Van ...
Life Center Vehicle …  We need to purchase a nine–passenger van.  It will be used to pick-up supplies, distribute Grocery Hampers, Clothing, and transport Short Term Missionary groups etc.

Storage Container Unit
Lower level
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Learning for
Life Center 
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Micro business is an excellent way of promoting economic growth in rural communities, creating vital sources of employment.  The rapid change from communism to a free market system has been daunting for many Romanians.  There are small business opportunities, but many lack the skills and finances required to start up a business. The collapse of communism and the introduction of commercialization, along with higher European Union standards have created performance demands that are a hardship for many, making it difficult to function in a productive manner.  It is our hope to help equip many  people with the ability to cope with the changing Romania.

The Enterprise Center is a privatley owned project located on the main highway close to the Ciacova town center.  Tabita Ministries plan to rent the lower portion of this building to establish a social enterprise project.   This business will have the potential to facilitate the preparation and sale of local grown products such as Honey & Dairy along with staple grocery items.   A coffee/ pastry cafeteria will operate as well, providing a business model and on-the-job training in sales & marketing.  Returns from the wholesale and retail sales will be used to expand and operate Tabita Ministry Programs.

The Learning for Life Center, a two storey building started in Summer 2009, is nearing completion.  The lower level consists of a kitchen and fellowship room: the upper level, waiting for funding to be completed, will be an apartment for the future Program Facilitator who will oversee Tabita Ministries’ Programs.  It will help facilitate the operation of a Daily Soup Kitchen, Life Skills Coaching Program, EFL Program, Kid's Club etc.  This facility is located on the Biserica Crestina Baptista Ciacova property adjacent to the Container Storage Unit sent over from Canada in 2008. 

The Learning for Life Center is not just a building.  It’s like a huge billboard proclaiming: “Jesus Loves You, He wants to help you, and He cares for you.”   Communist dictatorship does not promote the concept of sharing or helping your neighbors and discredits the existence of a loving God.  The Government is God!   Romania has been free from communism for twenty years but the damage is far reaching.  Communist ideology doesn’t disappear overnight and the controlling tentacles of the pagan Romanian Orthodox Religion reach deeply into communities.  The Christian Church (often referred to as the ‘Repentance Church’) is ‘not to be trusted’.  Many prejudices must be overcome and with God’s help Tabita Ministries is working to change these notions.   This is a huge challenge and we know God is in control of every situation.  The Center is already being used to bring many to His Saving Grace.  This is what it’s all about!