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Micro businesses are key engines of growth for local economies and vital sources of employment.  The transition from communism to a free market system has been daunting for many Romanians.  There are small business opportunities in this new era Romania but many lack the skills and finances required to start up a business.  As with any start-up, these businesses are more likely to survive if the owners have basic operational skills.  A course focusing on technical skills, marketing skills, managing finances and confidence-building would give many the opportunities to provide a sustainable income and overcome the cycle of poverty.

Some micro business opportunities: Beekeeping and Honey Processing, Cheese and Ice Cream Production, Firewood Supply, Bottled Water, Car Wash, Fancy Tile Production, Computer Repair, etc.

Note: This is not a current program but something that can be developed.  If you or someone you know would be interested in working with Tabita Ministries on this, please contact us.  tabitaministries@gmail.com

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Tabita Ianc and her daughter Debora lead the Kids Club  Program consisting of  approximately 30 youth.  They teach Bible Classes, Music (Choir and Orchestra), Life Skills Coaching, etc. 


Children attending the Kids Club come from underprivileged homes.  We provide a place of refuge where children can enjoy themselves while being enriched and nurtured, receiving a nutritious snack and appropriate supervision.  The focus is on relaxed and enriching activities such as Homework Support, Life Skills Coaching, Bible Study, Games and Exercise.  The purpose is to give these children a chance to discover how precious they are so they can be free to pursue a healthy productive lifestyle as they grow into adult responsibilities. 
If you want to change a child’s life, an easy and effective way is to contribute to the Kids Club Program. Your Monthly or One Time Sponsorship gift is used for individual children at times of crisis; distributing food, clothing, medical help, etcetera, and to purchase program materials and other related expenses. Approximately thirty youth and children are involved.  See more pictures of these children

Whatever amount you can give, Monthly or One Time, it will go a long
way to making a difference in these children's lives.
Please become a Sponsor! 

If you would like us to mail you the necessary forms please contact us at:  tabitaministries@gmail.com

To make a secure on-line donation: 

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Emergency Shelter ...
Government help for the needy in Romania is minimal.  Emergency Food and Clothing is provided in part through container shipments from Canada and distributed to those in need.   Your monthly gifts are used to purchase bags of staple food items in Romania.  This not only helps with physical needs but there is great hope in knowing that someone cares.  While groceries and clothing are delivered opportunity is taken to offer counseling and prayer for their spiritual needs.    This program is a practical way to demonstrate the Love of Christ.
see pictures of people being helped

You can be involved …
Sponsor a family for the 'Monthly Emergency Grocery Bag. DONATE NOW ...

Please help ... Together we can and do make a difference!

The importance of English in international communication is now well documented.  English is the new world language and is spoken world-wide.  It is currently the primary language used on the World Wide Web and in the political, business arenas.   It has even become the language of today's pop culture.   Learning the English language is important because it creates employment opportunities and helps people pursue higher education and develop occupational skills they can bring back to the community.  Also their social interaction skills are improved with the ability to work in a creative environment.  Those with a Christian background that have been nurtured by the church will ultimately help stimulate church growth and activities. 
Thinking of selling or trading your old car, small truck, van or boat?  Why not donate it to Tabita Ministries?   The proceeds from the sale of the vehicle will be used to provide for Children, Mothers and the Elderly: Food, Clothing, Emergency Shelter, Health Care, and Education.  You will receive a tax deductible receipt for the sale amount of your vehicle. 

To get the process started call Milton @ 604.854.1011 or
e-mail: tabitaministries@gmail.com
Many families live in sub-standard dilapidated shelters. Finding a suitable house can be a challenge.  Recently a house (in need of many repairs) became available in the town of Ciacova.  Tabita Ministries rented it and repaired it, with help from the Biserica Baptista Congregation Ciacova, and moved a single mother and her children into it.  A supporter from Canada is funding the purchase of firewood.  Tabita Ministries continues to work with this family providing Life skills Training, help with food, rent and Spiritual support.  The mother works part time supporting her family as best she can.  There are many other women, children and elderly that need help in this area.  Your support of this program makes a great difference.  


Two young girls, when first attending Tabita & Friends Kids Club, had limited knowledge and understanding of personal hygiene or how to behave and relate to the group.  God has used His Word, Tabita’s kind teaching and other little children to reach these girls, neither one of which had previously attended school.  At the age of ten, the eldest girl enrolled in the first grade.  In one year she caught up to her peers!  Now both girls take meticulous care of themselves, even though their home situation has remained the same.  God has changed them from the inside out and indeed the Kids Club is ‘Sharing Hope for a Better Way’ as these girls now enthusiastically soak up the love and acceptance offered by the church congregation and Tabita & Friends Kids Club group.

R. is quiet – observant – responsive but shy – very sweet and smart.  She has been very keen to learn English and before we visited there in October, 2011, she had learned several English sentences.  Several times during an evening she would come to me with a huge hug and say:  “How are you?  I love you!”  R. began grade one when she was eight years old – possibly partly because she lacked proper clothing, shoes and funds to buy school supplies.  Partway through first grade she was removed from school by her family.  She was heartbroken.  Tabita appealed to these parents and now she is back in school again.  Please pray that her family will not change their minds this time.

Another young girl, now at such a vulnerable time in her teens, lives with her mother and four brothers in Tabita Ministries’ Emergency Shelter.  Her eldest sister has moved out and her eldest brother quite often does not come home.  They lived in deplorable conditions prior to this.  M. faithfully brings her three younger brothers to the Kids Club, shepherding them home through the dark streets in the wintertime and keeping them in line, as best she can at church and at home:  too much responsibility for one so young.  She has difficulty in school, has a chronic cough and needs nourishment and warmth, something she and her siblings often receive at the Kids Club

When M.’s youngest brother was five, Tabita and I made soup from the Gleaners soup mix to demonstrate how to prepare it.  We served it in Styrofoam cups at Sunday Night Fellowship.  This little boy, very solemn and quiet, came up and tugged on my skirt at least six times throughout the evening.  He was so hungry and my heart ached for him.  It still does….

These children’s lives have improved – yes – thanks to many here in Canada who care and give faithfully; but we know they are hungry most the time and cold, and lonely.  These parents do the best they can for their children.

Please remember these and other precious children when you pray.

Jesus said… “Permit the children to come to me; do not hinder them; for the kingdom of God
belongs to such as these”.  Mark 10:14