Learning for Life Center   Construction Pictures ...  May 2010 pictures
It all began with this old fence, dismantled and replaced by the new.
The old bricks are cleaned and re-used for the wall construction.
Digging the foundation.  Labour intense, all done by hand.
The walls are about 1 foot thick. The entire building of concrete and blocks
must conform to Europeon Union Standards. It is a very strong building.
The second level under construction. This will house an apartment for the
Learning for Life Center manager.

Programs operating from the Learning for Life Centre will ...

  •       Offer practical support (e.g. food, clothing)
  • Provide medical supplies
  • Address critical needs (e.g. shelter)
  • Teach ‘skills for a better way’ (e.g. life skills, ESL, counseling, dicipleship)
  • Increase economic self sufficiency (e.g. micro business training)

As of December 2009 the upper level is constructed c/w tile roof.
A view of the Learning for Life Center in the Ciacova Church yard. Waiting to be finished!
Funding still needed to finish Plumbing, Electrical, Painting
and Heating in the upper level apartment
Lower level partially finished.
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Resent Pictures of Learning for Life Center from our May 2010 Visit
Our first impression of the Learning for Life Center ... AWSOME!!!
Going to up to check out the upper level apartment.
Very roomy 2 bedroom apartment.  The walls ... One foot thick. SOLID!!!
View from the bedroom.
Milton had the honor of appling the first trowel of cement.
The parging cement for the exterior walls was being prepared just as we arrived.
This wall partially covered by end of the day. 
Marius inspecting the work.
Exterior almost complete.
Finishing touches to the exterior.
Lower Level Fellowship Room