...After a year of Planning, Arranging and Praying, the 40 ft. container with dried soup mix, dried fruit products, clothing, medical supplies, tools, computers, sewing machines, music equipment, toys etc. to help facilitate Tabita Ministries Emergency Food Program & Community Outreach, is safely in Ciacova.

We could hardly believe it!  We opened the doors and everything was intact, ready to be unloaded.  For the past 3 weeks Marius and Milton had visited countless Government offices, brokers and officials to arrange the seemingly endless paper work and documents required to release the container.  (This also required an overnight train trip to Bucuresti and Constanta, on the other side of Romania, an experience in itself.)  

The loaded weight of the container exceeded the capacity of the crane so we unloaded the contents first.   Many from the church came out, eager to help.  What a blessing.  And yes, it did stop raining. It had been pouring several days and the previous day it had snowed.  We were very concerned about how to deal with the situation.  Everything had to be put on the ground.  As always God, worked things out in advance.  Three hours later the container was empty, the contents still dry.  The container could now be moved to it’s permanent site, then reloaded to await distribution.

Lifting the container from the truck to the cement pad doesn’t seem too dramatic, except: there was a miracle involved.  Earlier on our way to Ciacova to meet the truck, Marius’s cell phone rang.  The message was a bit hard to believe, especially since we had already experienced numerous setbacks—the crane, which was hard to obtain in the first place, had blown it’s motor and was no longer available!  No one knew where to get another.   We had no idea what we were going to do.  We were stunned, but as always the Lord had things worked out.  A pastor from another church knew a person that worked for a company that just happened to have a crane.  It arrived just as the container was empty, ready to be moved.  What the enemy meant for harm, God used for good!  Once again the truth of Romans 8:28 came to us loud and clear. … 'And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.'

There are many needs in the area.  The people are Exceedingly Grateful and wanted us to extend their Heartfelt Gratitude & Love to all those who help make this ministry a reality. If you can help, please donate
Picking up Dried soup Mix and Apples from the Fraser Valley Gleaners
Loading the container in Langley BC at Global Emergency Missions (GEMS)
After a 6 week trip over the Ocean and an overnight trip from Constansa the container arrived in Ciacova, Romania.
Whew!  What a relief!
Safe and sound at
'Biserica Crestina Baptista Ciacova'
Many hands make work easy.  The Biserica Baptista Congregation were very eager to help.
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