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Involved in Evangelism since 1986 and ordained in 2003 after graduating from Liberty Bible College, Abbotsford BC.  
Post Secondary Training in Sales, Marketing and Property Management.  Milton also has training in Alcohol/ Drug Addiction Counselling.
Involved in Evangelism and Personal mentoring since 1983.  She is an accomplished Gospel Singer using her talent to Glorify the Lord since her youth.
Since 1970 Kathi has been employed as a secretary in various situations and for many years has operated a home based Medical Transcription business.  Her writing and communication skills are very valuable to this ministry.
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Personal Profile - Marius and Tabita, Romania citizens, reside in the city of Timisoara.  They have a married daughter and one grandchild.  They are in full time ministry, Pastoring four village churches.  Their home church is in the village of Ciacova, located in South Western Romania.  They are involved in Evangelistic Crusades throughout Europe.

Statement of Faith

1.      We believe that all Scripture, both Old and New Testaments, is inspired by God, and is therefore the ultimate authority for belief and behaviour.
2.      We believe in one God who exists as God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.
3.      We believe that Jesus Christ is God manifest in the flesh; we affirm his virgin birth, sinless humanity, divine miracles, bodily resurrection, ascension, ongoing mediatorial work, and personal return in power and glory.
4.      We believe all men and women being created equally in the image of God have intrinsic dignity and worth. People are unable to be in right relationship with God due to original and continual rebellion against him. They need to be made alive spiritually and restored to a relationship with God.
5.      We believe that though we deserve eternal punishment and separation from God for our disobedience, God loves us and sent Christ to die in our place to restore our relationship with God.
6.      We believe that God makes us right with himself when we put our faith in Christ and what he has done for us through his life, death and resurrection.
7.      We believe in the final resurrection of the dead, both of believers in Christ and of unbelievers.
8.      We believe that believers in Christ will experience eternal life with God and unbelievers will experience eternal separation from him.
9.      We believe in the Holy Spirit, whose indwelling presence and transforming power assures believers and equips them for holy living and effective service.
10.  We believe in the Church, the spiritual union of all believers commissioned to make disciples of all nations

Personal Profile- Milton and Kathi, Canadian citizens, reside in Abbotsford BC, Canada.  They have four adult children and seven grandchildren.  They are Member Missionaries serving full time with Grace Evangelical Bible Church in Abbotsford BC.  They have been involved in Evangelism for many years as Pictures of Praise Ministries.  
Pastor since 1991, ordained in 1992 with a Masters Degree in Theology and recently obtained his Doctorate of Theology.  
He has been instrumental in eight Church Plants, overseeing the construction of four.
He has post University study in Management of Human Resources.
He is Secretary of the Baptist Association in Timisoara and on the board of the Romanian Baptist Union Council.

Heads up the children's ministry in Ciacova with approximately 30 youth.
She oversees 2 classes teaching Bible, Music (Choir and Orchestra), Life Skills Training, etc.    
She oversees the Agape Sunday outreach, preparing food and providing music.
Tabita is a Singer/ Songwriter and has recorded 4 albums with the 5th one in progress.

Mission Statement
INSPIRATION:  Acts 9: 36-43 … This is the account of Dorcas, also called Tabitha, a women from Joppa whom Peter raised from the dead.  Tabitha was known for befriending and helping the poor.  This is the heart of Tabita ministries.  Helping People, sharing about Jesus, who will  raise them from Spiritual Death to New Life in Him.
MOTIVATION:  Sharing Hope for a Better Way
OBJECTIVE:  Our purpose is for the advancement and building of the Church of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Our focus is to the Un-reached and Poverty Stricken.
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“For many years Tabita and I have cried and prayed for a way to help our poor people in Romania.  (Approximately 22% of Romanians live in abject poverty.)  How can we do this?” …  We were driving with Pastor Marius through the villages, witnessing the poverty first-hand when he uttered the above words in an anguished tone, striking a deep chord in our hearts.  The Holy Spirit was speaking to us.  We turned to look at one another, knowing we would do whatever we could.   Tabita Ministries, with the help of God and faithful supporters, began in the fall of 2007.  (Tah-BEE-tah is the Romanian pronunciation for Tabitha.)

Tabita Ministries is inspired by Acts 9:36-43, the story of Dorcas, also called Tabitha, a woman from Joppa who was known for befriending and helping the poor.  The heart of Tabita Ministries is firstly to share the Word of God and give practical help and hope to those in need in the country of Romania. Tabita Ministries is a trans-denominational ministry founded by Milton and Kathi Torio and Pastor Marius and Tabita Ianc of Romania.   

Long before the inception of Tabita Ministries in 2007, the cry of help for the poor in Romania began in the hearts of Marius and Tabita Ianc.   Both Pastor Marius and Tabita grew up in Christian homes under the oppressive fist of communism.  Their freedom of worship was limited but the call of God was upon their lives at early ages.  Married during the communist regime of Dictator Nicolai Ceausescu, Marius and Tabita endured many hardships.  Living in close proximity to Revolution Square in Timisoara they experienced the violent chaos of the revolt that helped bring down communism in 1989, at times fearing for their lives.  After the collapse of communism many Romanians, free after years of oppression, relocated to Canada and the USA.   Marius & Tabita were invited to pastor a Romanian church in Florida.  This seemed like a golden opportunity, but after a few months in Florida, God reminded them of their passion to help the poor in Romania.  This call back home meant sacrifice and giving up a much easier lifestyle.

In 1991 their first church plant, Biserica Baptista Crestina Ciacova, began in the home of an elderly couple.  Not having a car, Marius and Tabita, along with baby Debora, would make the arduous two hour journey by train from Timisoara to Ciacova, and back again every Sunday.  The bitter cold winter months were especially difficult, as the post-communist trains were not heated and traveled very slowly.  Their determination to follow God’s leading and not to give up under great opposition has produced much fruit.  God has used Marius and Tabita to plant eight Churches, overseeing the construction of four and winning many souls to the Lord through their gift of evangelism.  Marius was ordained in 1992 with a Masters Degree in Theology and is currently working on his Doctorate.   He is Secretary of the Baptist Association in Timisoara and on the board of the Romanian Baptist Union Council, Pastor of Biserica Crestina Baptista in Ciacova (their home church) and Director of Tabita Ministries Romania. Tabita heads up the children's ministry in Ciacova with approximately 30 youth.  She teaches Bible classes, Music (Choir and Orchestra), Life Skills Training, oversees monthly Agape Sunday Outreaches  and distribution of groceries.  Tabita is a Singer/ Songwriter and has recorded several albums.  Many of her songs are played on Christian radio stations throughout Romania.  Their daughter Debora also sings with her mother and is the leader of Ebenezer Music Group.

There is a great need for evangelism in Europe today.  Only a little over 4% claim to be Christ-Followers.  What role does Romania play in meeting this current mission opportunity?  Romania has the fastest growth of protestant churches and the largest number of practicing Evangelicals in Europe, and since joining the European Union, Romanians have the freedom to work throughout Europe.  They are establishing churches and in many cases using the vacant church buildings left empty by the rapid decline of church attendance in these countries.  The exciting thing is that these newly formed congregations are reaching out into the communities, bringing revival.